June 25 to July 5, 2012 - Ilwaco, WA

We pulled out of Thunderbird on June 25th and on the road leading to town we found ourselves following three deer:

Yes, they ran across the road in front of us to get away.  Diane expected that and was driving slow so they lived and the motorhome did not get damaged.

The rest of the 205 mile trip to Eagle's Nest RV Resort in Ilwaco, WA was uneventful.  Our last stay here was in September 2011 in the same campsite.

June 27th was a sunny day so we walked the Discovery Trail in Long Beach.

Photos and Video of the Discovery Trail

On the 28th Diane's parents came to town with their new car.  Here are our two 2012 Chevy cars, the same color but different models.

We heard from Misty that her dog Pandi had died.  Pandi and another dog got sick after being together and it looks like they got into something poisonous that caused kidney issues.  Pandi died in her sleep before they realized what was happening while the other dog required strong veterinary care to survive.   Here is a good photo of Pandi from January 2011:

We will all miss her.

July 1st the four of us went to Portland to go to a store for a return and to see Smokey, who is now in a facility.  We were surprised he was the "King".

On July 4th we went over to Colleen's for the fireworks.  Here is her son's dog.

And Colleen's new puppy.

After cobbler and ice cream we watched the fire works from the front yard. 

Before it got dark we had the amateurs. 

When it got dark the Long Beach city fireworks started.

Video #1 of Fire Works (4.71MB WMV)

Video #2 of Fire Works (2.91MB WMV)

It was another great evening. 

While in town we had meals, mostly with Diane's parents, at Hungry Harbor, 42nd Street Cafe, El Compadre, Urban Cafe, Golden Luck, Dooger's, Subway/Beach Burrito and Panda Express (in Portland)

Now we are heading to Ocean City for a family event.

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