June 27, 2012 - Discovery Trail in Long Beach, WA

It was a nice sunny day so we decided to walk the Discovery Trail in Long Beach going north on the boardwalk and coming back the paved trail.

Lots of informative signs.

The boardwalk heading north.

Bill turned on the GPS on his camera and found it did take a long time for it to find the satellites and lock on.  This lousy GPS performance was one reason a friend passed up the camera since she wanted to Geo-tag photos, where the extra info in a digital photo shows the GPS coordinates where the photo was taken.  For those who care, some of these photos have GPS coordinates in the files and some do not.  When they do not it was because the GPS was not locked on to the satellites.

Anyway here are a couple kites being flown on the beach.

Video of the Red, White and Blue Kite (882KB WMV)

A nice display of the Western Washington terrain.

A map of the Discovery Trail. 

A statue of a sturgeon with a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

A real whale skeleton.

The moon was out and visible in the daylight.

An enhanced version of the image to show the moon better.

It was a nice walk where we were startled by a pheasant taking off right next to the trail. 

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