October 18 to 19, 2012 - Fresno and Yosemite NP, CA

We decided to head south as far as we could after being delayed by repairs.  So we left Redding on the 18th, fueled up the motorhome in Corning and drove 334 miles to Blackstone North RV Park in Fresno, CA.

The campsite we were supposed to be in was hard to get into and a guy stopped us and said he was leaving early so we could go into his campsite.  We did and here is it:

This is the campsite we were supposed to go into and that building across the way made it hard to get into. 

But while going slow around the campground our tachometer went out again.  That problem is still with us.  We are not going back to Redding this trip so we will get it handled further down the road.

After dinner we headed out and bought picnic supplies at Trader Joe's for Diane since we were going to take a long day trip into Yosemite NP the next day.

In the morning Bill went to Subway to get his picnic supplies since he was not successful at Trader Joe's and he also filled the car with gas for the long trip.

October 19th Yosemite Photos and Video, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

After coming out of Yosemite it got dark quickly so we stopped at Pete's Place in Oakhurst for a nice dinner.  Then we drove back to Fresno, fueled up the car again and prepared to head out to Hesperia the next day.  We had put 211 miles on the car between the morning and evening fill-ups.

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