October 12 to 17, 2012 - Redding, CA

We left Eugene on October 12th hoping to beat the rain and almost succeeded.  We had a couple showers early on and by Grants Pass the rain was all north of us and it was sunny.

Into California we went.  Here is Mount Shasta as viewed through the bug splatters on the windshield.  Not a lot of snow left on the mountain. 

Past Weed we saw a low band of clouds ahead.

Once we hit the clouds we did not see the sun again.

After 323 miles we were camped at the Redding Elks lodge.  We were last here in April 2011.

But we had a problem, the engine had leaked coolant.

The car was a mess from the coolant leak.

It was Friday so we could not get it worked on until Monday.

October 13th the clouds were gone and it was sunny and warm.  We found a car wash to get the coolant off and then we headed to the area around the Sundial Bridge for a walk.

October 13 photos

Our neighbor's friendly cat on October 14th.  This same neighbor was also with us on June 1st when we all watched a motorhome get towed.  We did not see their cat then.

After visiting we went back to the trail along the river, but closer to the Elks lodge.

Who is this statue of along the river?

The First Mayor of Redding.

The local dam with fish ladders.

Another cat watching us.

Some people landscaped their yards along the trail very well.

Great Egrets flying close to some Canada Geese.

October 15th we moved 3 miles to Cummins West in Redding.  It was the water pump. 

After they replaced it we did a 3 mile test drive.  At the end of the test drive our tachometer messed up.  This was the problem we had in Spring and hoped was fixed in May, but it turns out it was not fixed.

We get to spend the night and here is our Cummins camping spot

After a lot of extra diagnostics it was determined the main engine computer, called the ECM, was at fault for our issue.  It seemed to have an internal ground issue.  Big money but what choice did we have?

On the 17th they finished us up by the middle of the afternoon so we moved the 3 miles back to the Elks lodge.

While in town we went to the chains Black Bear Diner and In-And-Out Burger for meals and also tried both Eddy's Grill and Nello's Italian for dinners.  Eddy's was Very Good, Nello's was almost a 5-star.

Now that the motorhome is fixed we can move on.  We were delayed a few days so we need to take the easy route south. 

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