October 6 to 11, 2012 - Florence and Eugene, Oregon

We said Goodbye to Gordon, Juanita along with Cindy and Tim, the campground owners of Port Orford RV Village, and headed out on October 6th.  We had stayed a week. 

We headed north so we could get our washer/dryer repaired.  But it was Saturday and Carrier and Sons was not open until Monday so we drove 97 miles to TT South Jetty in Florence.  It was our first time here and it was very wooded with lots of curvy roads.  Eventually we had our campsite:

Evita loved it here.  After her walk we drove into Florence just because, even though we were here on September 27th.

It was a cold night, down into the 30s.  But it was quiet.

In the morning we broke camp and headed back to Eugene.  Since we had plenty of time we fueled up the motorhome when we arrived in Eugene and then headed to Carrier and Sons.  When we got there we found a place to park, but all the electrical connections were taken.  We had driven 63 miles.

Our generator needed exercising anyway.

Monday we got started and a new heating element was ordered to come in Tuesday.   That did not fix it so Wednesday morning more diagnostics were run and a new control board was ordered.  It came in Thursday and the washer/dryer could dry again.  But Diane had noticed the drying had been degrading over the last year, taking longer and longer.  The repair got the unit back to what it was doing two weeks back, but not how it was in years past.  No one knows why so we are going to live with it for now.

We took many walks in the parks along the Willamette River.  Here are some photos.

Roses in the Rose Garden.

Fall colors.

A Great Blue Heron in the river.

More fall colors.

A Great Blue Heron by a pond.

A Western Scrub-Jay by the path.

A cat watching the world go by.

Even a photo shoot going on.

Sunset with a cormorant on the river.

We really do like the paths along the river. 

The Carrier's two dogs, Stella (white) and Buster. 

They know how to relax.

While in Eugene we had dinner at Mio Sushi with Deb and Greg.  Bill was the only one who had sushi and thought the sushi was 4-star.  Everyone else, including Bill for the rest of his meal, though some things were 2-star and some 3-star.  So if you go, have sushi and maybe the miso soup and the salad.  The only other meal out we had was a lunch at Memo's in Springfield.

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