September 29 to October 5, 2012 - Port Orford, Oregon

We left Eugene on September 29th and headed to the Coast.  Once on US101 we drove south.  After 159 miles we were camped at Port Orford RV Village in Port Orford.

Down the way are Gordon and Juanita, who we last saw October 2011 in Loveland, CO.

Soon after we arrived there was a potluck where the park owners, Tim and Cindy, supplied hot dogs and fixings and everyone brought a side or dessert.  During the potluck we caught up a bit with Gordon and Juanita.

The next day we explored from Port Orford south to Gold Beach on our own.

Photos and video from September 30th

We had dinner at Gordon and Juanita's.  Lots of fun.

October 1st the four of us drove up to Bandon for lunch and local sightseeing.

Photos from October 1st around Bandon, Oregon

October 2nd we first checked out the Wetland Trail in Port Orford.  Then we headed back to Port Orford Heads SP where we took the Headland Trail.  While taking photos Bill noticed an error message from the camera.  The memory card was not seated properly so all the photos Bill thought he was taking were not saved.  It looks like 16 photos were lost. 

Here are photos once the problem was resolved.  This is end of the trail.

Birds out on a seastack.

The trail heading back.

An interesting butterfly.

October 3rd the four of us had lunch at The Crazy Norwegians in Port Orford.  We did not do much else.

October 4th was cloudy and foggy but we decided to see Cape Blanco State Park.

October 4th photos at Cape Blanco

Gordon and Juanita came over for dinner and we again had a good time.

October 5th was our last day so we headed to Gold Beach.

October 5th photos at Gold Beach.

While here our washer/dryer quit drying so we decided to head back to Eugene to get it fixed since we know it will be done right. But first we will make an overnight stop in Florence.

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