March 29 to April 3, 2011 - Hesperia, Modesto and Redding, CA

We left Menifee and drove to the Lake Elsinore outlet mall to do some shopping and then on to Misty's place in Hesperia.  After 83 miles we were back where we left on a week ago.

Diane had her last doctor and chiropractor appointments in town.  Unfortunately she needs one more shot, so she needs to find someone in Oregon to administer it.

March 31st was hot and sunny so Evita took a long walk but Pandi had to help.

Evita watching the pesky dog.

This is how Pandi helps.  Pandi knows not to get too close to Evita's front claws.

Our last meal out in this area was at the Golden Corral.

April 1st was also hot but we took off anyway since we had to get north quickly.  Our original plan was to stop at the Fresno Elks but they were full so we called ahead to the Modesto Elks and they had room, but please come in after 7:15PM since the parking lot was full due to a funeral.  We stopped and had dinner at a rest area and after 357 miles we arrived at the Modesto Elks about 7:30.  This is what we looked like after dark.

This is in the morning.

April 2nd we headed north and after 241 miles we were camped at the Redding Elks.

Not long afterwards Dianne and Frank came in:

We had not seen them since April 2010 in Keizer.  They had planned on taking US101 but it was closed due to a landslide so they came to Redding instead and we were together.

Bill found Kanya Garden Thai in Redding so we all went there and it was very good.  A real find.  It was great to get caught up with Frank and Dianne.

Dianne and Frank headed out in the morning and soon Diane's parents came in.  We knew they were close and thought they would stop for an hour to visit but they decided to stay the night.

We all went to lunch at Chevy's and then helped Gregg move his files to his new computer.  We had coupons to try the new turkey burgers at Carl Jr's, so we had a light dinner there.

We all decided to camp at the same place the next day in Sutherlin, Oregon.  In the morning we are leaving California after four months in the state.

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