March 15 to 28, 2010 - Bakersfield, Hesperia and Menifee, CA

We left Santa Maria on the 15th and took SR-166 East to SR-99 and then north to Bakersfield.  SR-166 was scenic and a good road, so we were happy to take it. 

After 128 miles we were camped at Bakersfield River Run RV Park.

Our last stay here was in January.  We went to Costco and didn't do much else.

On the 16th we drove the 147 miles to Hesperia and were back by the house where we left a little over a week ago.

Evita likes it here.

We went out to eat twice while visiting this time, once to the Original Roadhouse and once to Mimi's.

We also joined the 21st century and got an HTC Thunderbolt Android phone.

March 22nd we headed back to NACO Wilderness Lakes in Menifee for a week stay, it was only 70 miles.

The campsite behind us with the big puddle was where Dennis originally thought we should go but we decided the puddle was in a bad spot for us.

Our last stay here was the end of February.

We had originally planned to drive up to the San Francisco Bay Area to visit friends and relatives, but decided it was too far and checking the weather it was better to go south since further north it was raining hard and was going to continue to rain.

We were only a couple campsites down from Dennis and Carol with their new beige sunscreen.

They have less of a puddle now than the day before.

The four of us went out to dinner in Sun City and caught up.  We had seen Dennis our last stay here, but Carol was out of town so it was good to see her this time.

Dennis caulking the roof after he found it leaked.

Dennis and Carol headed off after a couple days to get some work done on their new motorhome so we were on our own.

On the 24th we decided to drive to Indio via the back way.  Photos from the viewpoint above Palm Desert:

We had lunch at the Pak Inn in Indio, which was as good as ever, and headed back via the freeways.

The only other time we ate out was at Bangkok Chef, which is always good.

Bird photos from Wilderness Lakes

Now we are headed back to Hesperia for Diane's last doctor appointment before we head north.

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