April 4 to 9, 2011 - Sutherlin and Keizer (Salem), OR

We left Redding on April 4th and headed north to Oregon.  We had been in California since late November.

We stopped for lunch at the rest area by the Weed Airport and took these photos of Mount Shasta.

Diane took over the driving after lunch and made it to Grants Pass, Oregon before Bill took back over.  This is the longest she has driven since November. Just after Bill started driving it started raining on and off, welcome to Oregon.

Diane's parents were about 45 minutes ahead of us and managed to get set up at Hi-Way Haven in Sutherlin before the rain started again.  We were not so lucky.  We had driven 258 miles. 

Our last stop in Sutherlin was in September 2004, and our last stop at Hi-Way Haven was in March 2002.  Hi-Way Haven is nicer than we remember it.

We all went to Roseburg to Costco where Diane's parents bought supplies and looked at Android cell phones.  After seeing ours they were tempted.

Our campsite in the morning with the rains gone.

Diane's parents are the next row over.

Evita in the window.

Later in the morning Diane's parents headed for Reedsport and we headed north. 

We stopped in Eugene for diesel and Diane drove the car over to sign paperwork with a doctor's office.  Then we headed further north to the Keizer Elks lodge.  Here we are camped after our 127 mile trip.  Our last stay here was in April 2010.

The next day we drove up to Vancouver, WA to deal with why we were so far north already.  That done we had lunch at Patrick's Hawaiian Cafe.

We did not do a lot in Keizer, but we did manage to eat out at Jonathan's and Love Love Teriyaki.

Now we need to head back to Eugene for motorhome service and a medical appointment for Diane.

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