April 21 to 29, 2010 - Willamette Valley of Oregon

On April 21st we headed out of Hermiston, Oregon and drove I-84 west through the windy Columbia Gorge.  In Portland we turned south and drove to the Keizer, Oregon Elks lodge. 

Here is our campsite after 228 miles.

Keizer is the town just north of Salem and the Elks have a large campground at a convenient location. 

We had not spent much time in the Salem area for many years so we explored it for a few days.

One day Frank and Dianne came down from where they were staying in Canby to have dinner with us.  We went to Red Ginger in Keizer and we were all happy with the choice.  We had not seen them since June 2009, so we had some catching up to do.

In addition to Red Ginger we also had lunch once at a Chipotle Grill and a nice dinner at Jonathan's in Salem.  

April 25th we drove 54 miles south to Diamond Hill RV Park in Harrisburg, Oregon to be close to our appointment the next morning.

Diane's parents were in Eugene shopping so they came over.  That is their car parked in front of our motorhome.

The four of us caravanned to Olive Garden in Eugene for dinner and then they headed back to Reedsport, where they are camped.

The morning of the 26th we drove to Les Schwab Tire Center in Junction City, Oregon for new tires.

We ate lunch in the motorhome while they put four new tires on, moving the two newer front tires to the driver's side rear.

Some photos of the process.

Our old tires were made "4403", which is the 44th week of 2003 or October 2003.  Motorhome tires should be changed somewhere in the 5 to 7 year interval even if they do not look worn since they degrade and can blowout.

The new ones are from 1210, which is March 2010. 

Once done with our tires we drove to Cummins Northwest in Coburg, Oregon, a very familiar place.  We had put on 27 miles this day.  Our last stay here was in April 2009.

We had our annual service, a need for new chassis batteries, a speedometer recalibration due to the new tires on the rear being a slightly different size, and we wanted our flakey speedometer fixed. 

While staying at Cummins we had meals at Novak's in Albany and Manola's Thai in Eugene.

The speedometer did not act up for Cummins so they could not fix it.  Very frustrating.  Our GPS does have a trip meter and will show the current speed so we do know how fast we are going and how far, but we want the real speedometer working.

On April 29th we drove 12 miles to AM Solar in Springfield to get new coach batteries.   Here we are in the bay.

Later we moved out back for the night.  Our last stay here was in September 2008.


In the evening Deb and Greg were able to join us for dinner at Memo's in Springfield. 

Now we are off to Reedsport to visit with Diane's parents.

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