April 30 to May 1, 2010 - Reedsport (Winchester Bay), OR

We pulled out of Springfield on April 30th and headed to Reedsport.  Of course the speedometer quit on the trip.

After 98 miles (but only 47 showed on the engine odometer) we were parked by the Umpqua Lighthouse for a couple nights.  Our last stay here was in April 2009.

This time we are on the old tennis court on a long 30AMP electric cord.  Diane's parents, Gregg and Rosalie, are in their spot on the ocean parallel to us:

On top of visiting we were playing computer consultants.  We helped MJ, who runs the museum and lighthouse tours, with her office computer.  We disinfected Rosalie's old computer, moved the hard drive to an external case, put a new hard drive in the old computer and set it up fresh for MJ.  We also helped Rosalie with her new computer as she got used to Windows 7.

The first night we went to eat at the Thai restaurant in Reedsport and found it had changed owners and was now Benja and Jasmine's Thai.  It was still quite good.

A view of the lighthouse from next to our motorhome.

The next day the four of us went up to Florence, did some sightseeing and had lunch at Bridgewater.

Here is Gregg on the street in Florence.

Trees in bloom

Unfortunately we only had a couple days we could stay and now we are off to Washington State.

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