October 19, 2012 - Yosemite NP, Part 1

We drove to the south entrance to Yosemite.  Bill could not remember if he had ever been in this part of the park before.  It had been decades since either of us was in Yosemite, many years before we met.  It was nice to be back.

The parking lot for the Mariposa Grove of Sequoias was full so we decided to come back at the end of the day.

We drove north and stopped at Bridalveil Falls to have our picnic lunch.  This is the view from the parking lot.

Bridalveil Fall Video (2.42MB WMV)

The walk to the viewpoint.

The end of the trail.

All manner of cameras including phones and an iPad were being used.

Back in the parking lot we saw this interesting rental RV.

On we went into the Yosemite Valley where we stopped and took a nice trail with a bridge across the river.

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