July 7, 2012 - Family Portraits

Bill was the main photographer but Katlyn took photos of her brother Andrew with his 1 year old daughter Lily and brought them so they could be included in the big family portrait.  Andrew and Lilly were included in via Photoshopping by Sabrina mostly and Kimberly after Sabrina got tired.  Yes, Andrew did have a sunburn.

If you click on any of these photos a full sized one will pop up.

The big photo minus Andrew and Lily.

Gregg and Rosalie and their four children.

Bill and Diane.

Kimberly, Dennis and their children Alex and Emily.

Leo, Karol and Leo's daughter Katlyn with her husband Jared and their 5 month old daughter Khloe.

Karol and Leo.

Katlyn, Jared and daughter Khloe.

Misty and her two daughters Sabrina and Taylor.

That is everyone.

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