June 13, 2012 - Charbonneau COE Park

When we lived in the area, the three Army Corps of Engineer Parks along the Snake River were popular for picnics and other recreation.  When crossing the WA124 bridge going east out of Pasco the first park is Hood, the second is Charbonneau and the third is Fishhook.  We decided to visit Charbonneau this day.

The marina.

The campground is across from the marina.

The Ice Harbor Dam to the West:

Lots of Canada Geese here.

Including youngsters.

Video of Canada Geese (1.09MB WMV)

A houseboat on the river.

Video of Houseboat (2.79MB WMV)

More of the river shore.

Nice wild rose blossoms. 

Fresh water clam shells.

It was nice to spend time here, again.

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