June 10 to 16, 2012 - Richland, WA

We drove 217 miles from Fairview, OR to Horn Rapids RV Park in Richland, WA.  We ended up in the same campsite as our last visit in June 2010.

We were able to get together with Dave, Kay and Shannon for dinner at Red Robin before Kay went on a trip.

Evita is happy here

Sunset over the Columbia River from Columbia Park in Kennewick.

Bill lived in this house in West Richland in the early 80s before he met Diane.  It doesn't look much different from the outside.

Ken and Joan were in the area so we gave them an area tour and we all had lunch at Cinco de Mayo in Kennewick.  It had been a while since we got together. The last we remember was November 2008 but none of us was sure.

June 13th we drove over to Charbonneau Corp of Engineers Park

Yasuhiro's older cars "that he will fix up someday".

We took this photo while visiting Wanda and picking cherries in the back yard.  Then the three of us went to Cousin's in Pasco to meet Yasuhiro after his workday.  It was great to see them again.

June 14th we walked around Columbia Park

Then we met up at Old Country for lunch with Leo, Karol, Katlyn and Khloe, who is only a few months old. 

She was well behaved and happy, a blessing for Katlyn and Jared.  We will be seeing everyone in a few weeks in Ocean City along with more family.

June 15th we walked in Two Rivers Park

June 16th we went to the market at Howard Amon Park in Richland.

They were also having an old car meet up.

And they were dancing in "The Fingernail", the stage.

Dancing Video (913KB WMV)

Nice sculpture along the river front.

Samie entertained us as we met Dave and Shannon for a BBQ dinner at their place.  It was our last dinner in town this visit.

A map of the area posted at one of the parks (click on it to get a larger version) so you see where all the parks are:

Other places we had meals out were Greek Islands Cuisine and Thai City. 

Now we will head back to Eugene to get the body work done from our latest mishap.

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