June 4 to 9, 2012 - Rochester WA, Eugene OR and Fairview OR

We drove in tandem 115 miles to Outback RV Park in Rochester on our way to get the new car setup for towing.  Our last stay here was in May.

We visited with Bill's mother and had a nice dinner with her at Bonsai Teriyaki in Tumwater.

Next we drove 223 miles south to Carrier and Sons in Eugene, OR, to get a new slide topper and the car set up for towing. Our last stop here was the start of May.

It was tight and we messed up with our tail swing and now need some body work.

Needless to say we were quite unhappy with ourselves.

Tony putting the new slide topper on.

We met up with Deb for dinner at Aquila & Priscilla's in Springfield and she handed us our new license plates that were sent her way.  Bill put the plates on while Tony worked on the slide topper.

The new slide topper mounts higher so it should not mess up like the old one.

We did take some walks and made it to the Uranus monument along the river.  Eugene has the entire solar system to scale along their trails.

Tony worked Saturday to get the car towing setup finished.

After Tony was done and the Bill paid we drove 130 miles to Portland Fairview RV Park just east of Portland OR in Fairview.  The Equinox towed well.

It was a first stop at this campground but we liked it, so we will probably be back.

Scenes around the campground.

We also ate at Olive Garden during this time.

Now we are off to Richland WA for a week.

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