May 25 to June 3, 2012 - Monroe, WA

We continued our stay in Monroe.

A few photos around the campground.

Video 1 of the Skykomish River (796KB WMV)

Video 2 of the Skykomish River (819KB WMV)

Liz and Ed's house.

Parks around the area.

June 1st we came to this scene of a motorhome stuck just below our campsite.  We had to go against the one way road to park in front of our motorhome.

Motorhome tow photos and videos

One day we came upon a Radio Controlled (RC) hydroplane race at Tye Park in Monroe.

Video 1 of RC Hydroplane Race (2.05MB WMV)

Video 2 of RC Hydroplane Race (2.42MB WMV)

Some red winged blackbird photos in Tye Park.

The Lake Forest Park Farmer's Market.

Places we ate out were Minami Teriyaki, Five Guys, Noodleland (with Ron and Bill), Eddie's Trackside (with Kelley and Mark), Kitto (with Sarah), Honey Bear Bakery, and Brier Pizza (with Sarah).

Now we are heading south to get the new car set up for towing behind the motorhome.

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