May 14 to 24, 2012 - Monroe, WA

We left Rochester on May 14th and drove the familiar 114 miles to LTR Thunderbird in Monroe, WA.  Our last stay here was in September 2011 in the same campsite.

The first day we went to Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood and bought a new model Sleep Number mattress.  Our old one was 11 years old and needed parts again.  It had a 20-year warranty but the parts are prorated and were breaking.  Plus there were issues due to its age and wear that are not under warranty.  These days Sleep Number makes eight levels and mattresses and our old one was the equivalent of a #3.  When we bought ours they only had 4 levels.  Our new one is a #7 and it comes via UPS. 

After that we had dinner at Macaroni Grill.

The new mattress arrived a week later in 3 boxes and we are very happy.  Taking the old mattress completely apart proved to us it needed replacement, some of the foam had internally collapsed and we found a small area of black mold.   The new mattress is much taller and has 3" of memory foam.  It is quite nice.

We had a very busy schedule with doctors appointments most days but we did get out and take walks.   We have had two "Oops" so far with doctors, Diane needed an extra appointment and Evita needed a couple teeth pulled.  These were both handled during this time.

This is in a park close to Woodinville that was not open when we lived there.

This moth was on the side of our motorhome and was very interesting.

This is along the Snoqualmie River in Redmond.

A rabbit at the park in Redmond.

The sign says "Puget Sound Starts Here" since this drains into the river, which drains into Puget Sound, which drains into the Pacific Ocean.

One day we had more time so we went to Juanita and parked at Juanita Beach Park to see both that park and the close by Juanita Bay Park.

Photos from Juanita Parks Part 1, Part 2

Skydivers in Snohomish.

Friday the 18th after a morning doctor appointment we had lunch at Red Robin in Marysville and then drove to Dwayne Lane's Chevrolet in Arlington to look at the Equinox on a Costco deal. We liked it and traded in our 2002 Honda CRV and took it home. 

Here it is:

We will get it set up for towing in a couple weeks.

Lake Tye Park in Monroe.

We had dinner at Peggy, Jim and MacLean's house one night.  We also had lunch with Brick one day at Couzin's Cafe in Kirkland. 

Other places we had meals out were Clay Oven (new in Woodinville, but we had been to their old location in Monroe), Gyro World (repeat), Pho Mignon (new), Coho Cafe (Issaquah location), Panera Bread, Shamiana, and Mongolian Grill.

We now have about 10 more days here with more appointments and get-togethers with friends and family.

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