May 7 to 13, 2012 - Park walks in Tumwater and Centralia, WA

We are trying to walk every day.  In this area we used two parks, Tumwater Falls Park in Tumwater, which Bill knew well, and Fort Borst Park in Centralia, which we knew from a picnic many years ago.

Tumwater Falls Park is in front of the old Olympia Brewery.  This is the Deschutes River and this is the upper falls.

By the lower falls.

More of the upper falls.

Looking down the river.

The lower falls, an image of which was the label for Olympia Beer when it was here.  Now it is owned by Miller and brewed where they want.

A video of the falls (7.09MB 854x480 WMV)

Nice area by the parking lot.

Fort Borst Park is in Centralia.

Lots of rhododendrons in bloom.

A nice lake for fishing if you are 14 or younger.  Or you can feed the ducks.

Video of duck feeding (686KB 640x480 WMV)

These were both nice parks to take a walk.

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