August 27 to 30, 2012 - The Beach in Long Beach, WA

We went to the beach both August 27th and 30th.

On August 27th this is how it looked.

Leftover from the Kite Festival the week before.

The packed road to the beach.

More Kite Festival leftovers are blocked off areas.

A nice bald eagle kite.

Video of the Bald Eagle Kite (929KB WMV)

August 30th was sunnier.

Nice kite.

Blue sky over the ocean.

Even people on horseback.

More kites.

A really long kite.  Diane counted about 70 individual kites.

This is the top.

This is the bottom.

A video of the long kite (2.59MB WMV)

A video of a multiple sports kite setup (1.75MB WMV)

The beach is always worth it.

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