August 27 to September 6, 2012 - Ilwaco and Seaview, WA

August 27th we left Rochester and headed to Ilwaco.  We had lunch at our favorite place to stop on the route, the Heritage Marker at Bruceport on US101.

The views are great today.

Tokeland across the bay.  A short boat ride, but over an hour by car.

We had company at our lunch spot.

After lunch we moved on.

After 106 miles we were camped at Eagles Nest in Ilwaco, WA.  We were last here at the start of July camped two campsites to the driver side.

A crocosmia is next to us.

We finally tried the Bridgewater Bistro in Astoria one night.

Bill wondered why they served the local Fort George Cavitica Stout in a can until we saw the can.

The stout was good and the humor on the can added to the enjoyment.

A Great Blue Heron just outside the restaurant is slightly obscured by railings.

Beach walk photos and videos

Photos from Eagles Nest's Deck

We met up with Carl and Joey one evening for dinner at the 42nd Street Cafe in Seaview.  It was nice to meet them and we had a great time.

September 4th we moved 2 miles to NACO Long Beach in Seaview, WA.   We were last camped here in June 2011.

Diane and Evita

Ron and Sharon came in soon after us and were just up the way.  Bill gave them a local tour while Diane did her exercises one morning.

Frank and Dianne were staying with friends in Ocean Park and invited us as well as Ron and Sharon to come visit.  We had fun.

Here is Frank and Dianne's motorhome.

We also ate at two Astoria restaurants on our own during this time, Blue Ocean Thai and Himani Indian.

Now we are heading back to Rochester for a few days and then we are coming back to Ilwaco.

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