June 20 to 28, 2011 - Seaview (Long Beach), WA

We left Poulsbo on June 20th and drove down the road to get diesel on the reservation since it was much cheaper.  Then we took the familiar 165 mile journey to NACO Long Beach in Seaview, WA.  Our last stay here was June 2009.

Notice the internet satellite dish.  This is probably the last time you will see it in our photos.  While in Monroe our provider, Hughes.net, changed our transponder, something they do periodically.  But like many others who have had recent transponder changes, our service quality and speed went down a lot.  In our case to about 1/3rd the speed both day and night.  Hughes.net is leasing less and less transponder space for their older modems and since the new modems are spot beamed, as a mobile customer we cannot upgrade.  NACO Long Beach is one of the reasons we kept the Hughes.net satellite service since Verizon is extended network here and the internet speeds are slow.  But now Hughes.net is only a bit faster and not as reliable as the local Verizon service. Giving up Hughes.net means there is less to store while traveling and $75 less per month for our $70 service plus tax.

Downtown Ilwaco is quiet on a Monday.

Nick, Terry, Greg and Jan came to camp at the same campground on June 21st.  We hadn't seen them since September in Indiana so we had a lot of catching up to do.  We all went to Dooger's in Long Beach for dinner since Nick was looking forward to the clam chowder.  The clam chowder was good but the service was spotty and of the six of us three were happy with their dinner and three were not.  So sad.

Sunset photos and videos on June 21st

June 22nd the weather was not so good at the beach.

But coming back there was a deer by the path.

Video of the deer eating on June 22nd close to the beach (1.15MB WMV)

June 23rd we had a very long day since Diane had a doctor appointment in Mukilteo, which was 196 miles one way.  We left at 8:20AM,  hit one traffic jam on the way, had a teriyaki lunch, and visited with Diane's aunt Chris for a bit both before and after the appointment.  Then on the drive back we hit three traffic jams, had dinner at Olive Garden and got home about 9:30PM. 

June 24th we had lunch at Lost Roo in Long Beach and it was quite good.  They opened last summer so we were glad they survived the winter.

Sunset photos from June 24th

June 25th we visited the Ilwaco Farmer's Market:

June 26th Diane, Jan and Terry went to Astoria for the Sunday Farmer's Market while the guys stayed in the campground. 

The weather went back to wet and cooler the last days of our stay.  We did not do much.

Now we are moving only a short ways for two weeks.

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