June 6 to 19, 2011 - Poulsbo, WA

June 6th we left Enumclaw and drove 88 miles to Eagle Tree RV Resort in Poulsbo, WA.  We even got our favorite campsite.  Our last stay here was July 2010.

Diane had jury duty so she had to call every day to see if her group was called.  Diane did get called for Wednesday but was home for lunch since she was dismissed.

June 9th ferry trip from Kingston to Edmonds for a doctor's appointment in Mukilteo.

Clouds towards Seattle and Mount Rainier is not out.

A telephoto shot of downtown Seattle.

We had lunch at Mongolian Grill in Mukilteo.

The return trip.

You can just see the CRV two cars behind the red one.

Bill now has an HTC Thunderbolt phone just like Diane's.  Here is a photo taken with the phone of Sandy drying Brandy after Brandy had a bath.

June 13th we took the Bainbridge Island/Seattle ferry for another doctor appointment in Issaquah.

Heading towards Seattle.


We had lunch at Mediterranean Kitchen in Bellevue. 

On the way back the sun came out but it was still cloudy to the east.

Seattle skyline as we left.

June 15th we went to visit Chris and Diane for dinner.  Here is Diane and Diane on their deck.

June 16th ferry ride for another appointment in Mukilteo.

We had lunch at Bob's Burgers and Brew in Everett. 

Some of the flowers near the Edmonds ferry dock on the way back.

Three ferry rides in two weeks.

Views from the house in Poulsbo.

A telephoto to show you Mount Rainier just peeking out.

This is very late for rhododendrons. 

Bird photos and videos

Mostly we visited Nancie and Sandy during the stay with Kylie and Brandy were also happy to see us.

Local places we ate were Pho T&N, and Chung's Teriyaki in Poulsbo and New Kings Wok in Silverdale.

Now we are heading to Long Beach.

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