June 2 to 5, 2011 - Tumwater and Enumclaw, WA

Once released from Straight Line Auto Body we drove 238 miles north to park in front of Bill's mother's house.   Our last stay was in June 2010.

Not a lot of room here for us.

We had a nice dinner at Budd Bay Cafe with Bill's mother.

June 3rd we drove 58 miles to park by Mike's house in Enumclaw.  We were last here in June 2010 while Michelle was still alive.

Yoshi greeted us.

Mike was coping quite well being a widower.  He did talk a lot about Michelle and missed her greatly.  But he had moved on with his life and now has a girlfriend.  The kids were doing well from what we could tell.

Mount Rainier view from our motorhome on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky.

A close up of "The Mountain".

Michelle's grave is a couple miles away and also has a mountain view.  The hanging flowers are from Mike's girlfriend.  She never met Michelle but feels a connection to her and knows how important it is to remember.

A couple more views of Rainier later in the day.

Bill helped set up a new desktop computer and reinstall Windows on a notebook that had been trashed by a virus.  It was good to help a friend out.

The four adults had dinner at the Rainier Grill during our stay.   We were prepared to buy dinner but Mike insisted on paying since he thought reinstalling Windows on the notebook was above and beyond.

It was really good to meet Mike's girlfriend and see that Mike and the children were moving on after losing Michelle last July. 

Now we head to Poulsbo since Diane has jury duty.

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