May 25 to June 2, 2011 - Eugene, OR

May 25th we got up a bit early and drove 329 miles south to Carrier and Sons in Eugene, OR to get our last parts installed.  We were last here in April.

Our new shower door:

This replaces the complete shower door which is failing after we installed too heavy of glass in July 2009.  We also got our rear ladder part installed and have a spare.

Carrier and Sons was happy for us to stay the weekend since that way someone was in the lot. 

We drove over to the coast to see Diane's parents on May 27th and got to Florence too early to eat so we drove up north since the sun was out for a couple hours. 

Heceta Head.

How many times have you seen photos taken here?

The surf further north.

We had lunch here, just south of Florence.  We had been there more than 20 years earlier and remembered it was good.  It was better than we remembered.

We visited during the afternoon, had dinner at Benja and Jasmine's in Reedsport and headed back to our motorhome.

All but one customer picked up their completed RV so we and two fifth wheels were left to "guard" the place for the holiday weekend.

We did have some company.

Sunday we met Deb and Greg for a nice dinner at Hop Valley Brewing in Springfield.  It is now on our list and the visit was great.

Monday we moved to Straight Line Auto Body in Eugene to have the body work done starting Tuesday.

While the motorhome was getting the work done we took Evita for her ultrasound in Springfield where they also took her blood pressure.  The ultrasound showed nothing, which is good, but her blood pressure was high and this could easily be her problem.  Now Evita is on blood pressure medication, a quarter pill each day, and an appetite stimulant until she gains back her weight.  

We had lunch at Manola's Thai.

The progress Tuesday night.  The new bay doors fit well.

We got the motorhome back late so we tried Jalisco Mexican just down the road for dinner and it was quite good.

Wednesday we had all day so we headed north 85 miles to the outlet mall in Woodburn.  On the way back we had lunch at Red Robin in Salem.

They again worked late so we had dinner at Cafe Yumm.  Here is the progress Wednesday evening.

Just a bit more to complete the work - putting the running light back in and some black out along the bay door that is only visible when they are open.

Thursday morning they finished up and washed the motorhome.  It looks great, like nothing happened, just like when we got it back in September.  Compare to how it looked in April.

Now we can head back into Washington for the summer.

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