April 18 to May 1, 2011 - Coburg, Eugene and Keizer, OR

We left our camping spot on April 18th and stopped at Les Schwab in Reedsport so they could figure out why we could not air up our inside duals.  Turns out the valve extenders were not working well with our new tires but they did not have the parts.

Off we headed towards Coburg.  We were doing fine until the driver didn't see a low guard rail coming off a bridge.  This is the ugly result.


We resumed driving and after 100 miles we were parked for our appointment at Cummins in Coburg.  Our last stay here was in April 2010.

They pulled us in on the 19th and went to work.  That afternoon we got a call that the scheduled work was done but they nicked a hose and didn't have a spare. It was their fault and they admitted it but we could not move until the new hose came in.  They pushed us out of the bay for the night so here we are.

Our two lunches out were at Memo's and Original Roadhouse in Springfield.

The hose arrived later on the 20th so we moved back to Carrier and Sons in Eugene to get the rest of our work done.  We had only been here a week ago.

The work was mostly done the first day but we were waiting for parts.  We also had a body shop start working with our insurance company to repair the damage to the passenger side. 

We learned on the 28th that one part was going to take a while longer and the other, a new shower door, was not going to ship until the next day so we decided to move north.  We will come back here just before Memorial Day to finish up and then move to the body shop after Memorial Day.

Diane's parents came over twice to visit and we ate at Olive Garden and Chili's with them.

On our own we mostly ate in but had two lunches out at Manola's Thai and Cafe Glendi.

April 29th we drove 86 miles north to the Keizer Elks lodge.  We were last here earlier in the month.  On the way we got a phone call from the hardware store telling us our new shower door was in.  Too late.

Since the state convention was here at the lodge, most of the spaces were reserved or taken, but the space next to the camp host was available and the camp host was happy to have us.

April 30th at Silver Falls State Park

May 1st at Minto-Brown Island City Park

We met up with Gordon and Juanita for dinner and conversation.  We had been trying to meet up for years since we had many mutual friends. Finally we were in the same place at the same time. 

Abbey, their new puppy.

Gordon found Aiberto's Taco Shop for dinner.  Cheap and plenty of good food.

It was good meeting up with Gordon and Juanita.  Their travel journal is http://www.mytripjournal.com/USAChevrolet.

Now we are off to see Bill's mother for a week.

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