November 14, 2012 - Sabino Canyon National Recreation Area

We had not heard of Sabino Canyon before but the locals know about it. Dru's advise was take the shuttle up the canyon in the afternoon and walk back down so we are here in the afternoon.

Resident Roadrunner.  This roadrunner has been known to get on the shuttle ticket counter.

A map.  There are two shuttles, the long one goes up Sabino Canyon and the shorter one goes up Bear Canyon.  We bought tickets for the longer one up Sabino Canyon.

A very small lizard by the visitors center.

Now we are ready to take the shuttle.  It is 3PM and only one more shuttle, at 4PM, will go up the canyon.

A couple photos from our trip to the top of the canyon.  There are 9 stops.

Taking photos from the trip were difficult due to a bumpy ride.

Video from ride showing how bumpy it was (788KB WMV)

Shuttle stop #9 is not at the top of the canyon, you have to walk up the rest.

We took the shuttle back to stop #8 and got off.  The rest of the photos are from our 3.1 mile walk back.

Another lizard.

A couple ponds.

The late afternoon light on the cliffside.

Going up and back we saw some roadrunners, a deer, a snake in the water, some fish, more lizards and some other birds.  But it was hard to get photos. 

Coming down the sun was straight ahead.  As we got closer to the entrance we started encountering people heading up the canyon on foot.  The shuttle passed us about stop #2 going back down. 

Here is a view looking back up the canyon close to the visitors center.

This was an enjoyable experience. 

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