May 4 to 6, 2012 - Vancouver, WA

After leaving Cummins in the afternoon we headed north.  Unfortunately we hit traffic in Portland since it was close to 5PM when we hit the metro area, so we did not arrive in Vancouver, WA until about 6PM.  We put 153 miles on the motorhome going from Cummins, to Carrier & Sons, and back to Cummins before arriving at Wayne and aunt Anne's house.  Our last stay here was in May 2010.

When leveling the motorhome, one of the blocks broke in half causing the jack pad to come off.   We had a challenge getting the jack up again, the pad back on and releveling.  We still used the broken block, which is now in two pieces.

Showing off the 42x lens on the new Nikon p510 camera.  This is at 24mm (wide angle):

This is a crop from the above showing the end of the street to show just how much detail is in a 16Mpixel (4608x3456 pixel) image.

This is a 1000mm (full telephoto) handheld zoom of the end of the street.  This camera has a lot of range.

Admittedly these are not the more attractive shots, but they illustrate the cameras zoom lens and 16Mpixel image size.

May 5th we were on our own during the day.  We had lunch at an On the Border and then visited Fort Vancouver.

Photos and videos from Fort Vancouver

We took Anne and Wayne out to dinner at Black Angus.

The next day, the 6th, we took some time to walk the Columbia River waterfront.

People enjoying the day.  Just before we left this location, the woman in the swimsuit went into the water.  The water had to be cold.

The water was running high.

Nice walk.

An interesting statue.

Mount Hood in the distance.

A telephoto of Mount Hood.

An enhanced version of the above photo to show Mount Hood better.

Looking West.

Looking south to Portland.

We took a different path back.  Nice lupines across the road.

A telephoto of the lupines with the new camera.

Lots of detail in this crop from the above photo in bright sunlight.

Another nice flower and foliage display.

It was a nice walk and afterwards we visited some more with Anne and Wayne before having dinner at their house.  Now we are off to see Bill's mother.

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