June 21, 2013 - Cape Disappointment State Park

We took advantage of a beautiful day and having a Washington State Discovery Pass to go to Cape Disappointment State Park, just outside of Ilwaco. 

The path to the jetty from the end of the road.

Looking east from the top of the jetty.

Looking NW at the ocean from the jetty.

Looking north.

We drove up to Beard's Hollow and took the Discovery Trail to the beach.

A view from by the parking lot.

This butterfly allowed Bill to take a photo.

The beach, looking south.

Looking north.

On the way back we saw a porcupine!  They are rarely seen so we were thrilled.  Unfortunately a loose dog came down the path so we stopped to tell the owner to leash the dog or it was going to have a face full of quills.  That meant we didn't get the best photo, but porcupines are very recognizable.

We also saw this salamander on the way back to the car.

We were really happy with our visit to the state park.

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