June 19 to June 27 - Ilwaco, WA

We waited until after lunch on June 19th to move from Seaview to Eagle's Nest in Ilwaco to make sure we were not too early to check in.  Then we drove the 3 miles of the long way to get here.  We ended up in the same campsite as our last stay in September 2012.

At the back of the campground you can see the Ocean.

Looking east from the back of the campground.  These campsites are only open a short time each year.  They will be open for July 4.

The Long Beach boardwalk on June 20th.

It rained on us on the way back to the car during our walk.

We went over to Astoria on the 21st for shopping.  We had lunch at T. Paul's Urban Cafe, where this aquarium is at.

In the afternoon we explored Cape Disappointment State Park since the weather was good.

Photos from Cape Disappointment State Park on June 21st

June 23rd we toured the Astoria Sunday Farmer's Market.  It was a little cool and wet so we did not eat at the market vendors.  OleBob's Dungeness Crab Cakes are some of the best around, but are also available frozen at their store in Ilwaco along with being on their menu at their cafe.

We ended up at Blue Ocean Thai for lunch instead, which was very good as always.  We wanted to be warm and dry.

The harbor in Ilwaco on June 24th.  It was a bit cool to take a walk.

Bella came to visit at the store. 

We visited the store multiple times and also worked on making dichroic glass buttons while there.  Vickie makes jewelry out of them.

In addition to the restaurants mentioned, we also tried The Depot in Seaview and found it quite good. 

We will be here a few more days.

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