June 3 to 18, 2013 - Keizer, OR, Rochester and Seaview, WA

We left Monroe on June 3rd and drove 264 miles to the Keizer, Oregon Elks lodge.  Our last stay here was in April 2012.

We were here to be close enough to Eugene to help Rosalie, but far enough north to make it an easy drive to Rochester when the week was over.  Rosalie was staying with Claire while her motorhome had some body work done, so she was not in Eugene anyway.

We had not been to Jonathan's in Salem for a while so we had dinner there our first night.  It was very good, as always.

On the 5th Rosalie came to visit on her way south to Eugene. We drove up to the Portland area to do some shopping with her at Camping World and the outlet mall in Woodland.   We had lunch at Fuddruckers in Lake Oswego.  When we got back to our motorhome Rosalie called and found out her motorhome was not going to be done so she went back to Claire's for the night.

On the 6th Rosalie drove down to Eugene and found out she had a cracked windshield, which will be fixed on the 7th (Friday).  But she could leave in the afternoon.  Diane packed and we drove down.

This other motorhome was at Carrier, has a doggy door for the two yorkies.  Yes, the yorkies were friendly and cute in person.

The three of us went out for dinner at Sweet Basil Thai, which was very good, and then Bill headed back to Keizer.

The work ended up not getting finished until late on Friday, so the motorhome was driven the whole way to Chimacum, WA on Saturday the 8th.  Once it was setup, Diane and Rosalie had dinner at 123 Thai in Port Townsend.

On the 9th, Rosalie and Diane met Nancie and Sandy in Poulsbo in the morning and they all drove down to Centralia.  Bill drove up to Centralia from Keizer.  We all met at Country Cousin and had lunch, then we went back to Keizer and Rosalie, Nancie and Sandy headed back to Poulsbo.

While in Keizer on his own, Bill ate at Love Love Teriyaki, Nancy's Burgers, and McMenamin's Boon Treasury.   We ended up going to Love Love Teriyaki the night Diane came back.

June 10th we drove 152 miles to Outback RV Park in Rochester.  Our last stay was in May.

We visited more with Bill's mother, Elena, and helped her with some projects.

On the 12th the three of us drove to Mukilteo, where Diane had a doctor's appointment, then had lunch at Arnie's, before coming back to Tumwater.

We had meals with Carl and Laureen at Trinicria, with Rex at Red Robin, with Rosalie, Vic and Elena at Falls Terrace, and with Elena at Iron Rabbit, Beau Leg's, German Diner, IHOP, and Happy Teriyaki.

June 17th we drove 106 miles to NACO Long Beach in Seaview, WA.  We last camped here in September 2012.

We did get out to the beach when the weather cleared on the 18th.

A deer came into the campground, which we could see from inside.

We had one meal out, a very good lunch at La Cabana de Raya in Astoria.

Now we are moving to Eagle's Nest in Ilwaco, a short drive away. 

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