May 2 to 6, 2013 - Vancouver and Rochester, WA

We left Eugene in the afternoon on May 2nd and drove 140 miles to 99 RV Park in Vancouver, WA.  We normally stay in front of Anne and Wayne's house when in town, but it was hot and we wanted enough electricity to run air conditioning.  

A nice campground and only a short distance to Anne and Wayne's house. 

But first we needed to deal with our Roadmaster auxiliary braking system.  The morning of May 3rd Bill drove the Equinox to Roadmaster in Vancouver for an appointment so they could look at the braking system.  They quickly determined the work would also require the motorhome, so Bill drove back, we broke camp and moved the motorhome to Roadmaster.

The car being worked on.

The install at Carrier in Eugene was not exactly how Roadmaster would have done it so they changed things to their way first. They also came up with an additional part that was needed to make the braking system work, which was not in their install instructions.  That additional part solved our problem.  They also installed a Fusemaster so we didn't need to pull a fuse, just flip a switch.  In a full install they would have put the switch on the dash, but for free labor they took the easy way and put it on the fuse box cover.  When done we had a working auxiliary brake, a Roadmaster Invisibrake, and a nice switch:

After that we went back to the campground and went to visit Anne and Wayne.  We ended up out to dinner at their favorite Chinese place, but it wasn't as good as remembered so they might not go back.

The next day they were both busy so we decided to go to Portland and visit the Saturday Market. It was really busy so we ended up parking a ways away and walking to the market.

We learned why it was busy, the Cinco de Mayo festival was going on.  It was $8 each and not what we were planning so we did not attend.

The Saturday Market.

We did eat at market food booths since there are such good choices.

We took a different way back to the car.

We had dinner at home with Anne and Wayne that night.

Sunday we all went to Black Angus for dinner.  Afterwards we visited and also made a phone call to Diane's parents, Gregg and Rosalie, since Anne is Gregg's older sister.

May 6th we drove 85 miles to Outback RV Park in Rochester, WA.  Our last stay here was in September.  The auxiliary braking system worked fine.

After getting set up we went to see Bill's mother, Elena, and went out to eat at Bonsai Teriyaki.  Diane then gave her the quilt she made, a queen sized one.

The front (click on it for a larger version):

The back (click on it for a larger version):

Elena likes Oriental designs so the fabrics and quilting reflect that.

We were expecting to stay a week, just like normal.  Little did we know our world was about to change.

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