Gregg Melde, RIP

The phone rang at about 4:45AM the morning of May 7th, 2013.  Bill got up and saw it was Rosalie, Diane's mother.  He figured Gregg might have been admitted to a hospital since he had some recurring pain from a medical procedure.  Bill was shocked when the news was much worse, Gregg had a massive heart attack and had died.  Bill woke Diane up and told her.  We were both in shock, as was the rest of the family and friends.  We were expecting Gregg to be around for many more years.  He might have had some health issues, but we thought his heart was in good shape.

We last saw Gregg in late April, while we were in Lakeport We last talked to him on Sunday, while visiting with Anne and Wayne.

Kimberly used Photoshop and made this photo of Rosalie and Gregg in front of the Umpqua Lighthouse in Reedsport, Oregon.   It is a nice image to remember him by.

Since retiring, Gregg enjoyed traveling but he really loved flying his plane, with working at lighthouses second place.  Bill, and sometimes Diane, went flying with Gregg many times through the years. 

Here are all the flying entries in chronological order.  Gregg was most happy flying, so it is the best way to remember him.

Flight to and from Friday Harbor on June 16, 2004

Gregg starting bringing his plane to the coast in 2007 and keeping it there all summer.

Around Astoria, Oregon to Long Beach, WA on June 19, 2007

Around Astoria, Oregon south to Cannon Beach on June 23, 2007

Long Beach Peninsula, WA to Cannon Beach, OR on June 25, 2007

Around Astoria, Oregon inland on August 4, 2007

Astoria, Oregon to Long Beach, WA on August 9, 2007

Camp 18 and Cannon Beach on August 13, 2007

Three Capes on August 14, 2007

Long Beach Peninsula on August 23, 2008

Long Beach Peninsula on September 11, 2008

Inland from Astoria, Oregon on the Columbia River on September 12, 2008

Florence, Oregon to Reedsport on April 23, 2009

Florence, Oregon to Cape Arago on April 26, 2009

Long Beach Peninsula on June 23, 2009

Long Beach Peninsula and the north coast of Oregon on June 30, 2009

To Cannon Beach, OR on July 1, 2009

Astoria, OR airport to Port Townsend, WA airport on July 2, 2009

Round Trip to Everett, WA from Astoria, OR on July 6, 2011

Flight around Astoria, OR on July 10, 2011

Shelton, WA airport to Astoria, OR airport on September 3, 2011

Inland from Astoria, Oregon on September 5, 2011

Around Port Townsend on July 24, 2012

Olympic National Park on July 26, 2012

Around Port Townsend on July 29, 2012

Our mutual friends Dave and Connie enjoyed being with Gregg and especially going flying with him.  Here is Dave's tribute to Gregg - .

Gregg will be missed by us all.  We have to pick ourselves up and move on, but it is difficult. 

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