April 22 to 27, 2013 - Lakeport, CA

We left Martinez on April 22nd and drove the familiar 163 miles to Konocti Vista Casino RV Park in Lakeport, CA.  Our last stay here was in December.  Since we did not like the $20 toll to cross the I-680 bridge on our last trip we calculated the fuel cost to go around.  It would cost over $50 in diesel and at least another hour, so we paid the toll.

Diane's parents were visiting Kimberly, so we got to see them. 

Diane presented her first quilt to them.  It matches the colors inside their motorhome. 

The front (click to get a larger size):

The back (click to get a larger size)

The quilt is 54" x 54".

Lady bug cupcakes made with the kids.

Downtown Kelseyville.

Some of the quilt blocks on buildings around Kelseyville.

View from The Spot diner in Clear Lake.  A really nice place for a meal and the only meal we had out during our stay.

The new chicken coop for the 4 baby chicks.  The kids like being inside and Sasha, the dog wants to play with the chickens, so Kimberly is holding her back.  Unfortunately Sasha wants to play rough and would likely kill the chickens.  (In June Sasha did exactly that, she overturned the chicken coop and killed three of the four chickens.)

We had a good time visiting with everyone. 

We are off to Eugene.

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