April 28 to May 1, 2013 - Yreka, CA and Eugene, OR

We left Lakeport on April 28th and headed east to I-5 and then north.

Mount Shasta was often visible to the north once we got on I-5.

Mount Lassen was visible to the east near Red Bluff.

Getting closer to Mount Shasta (with bug splats on the windshield)

After 262 miles we camped for the first time at Waiiaka Trailer Haven in Yreka, CA.  Neither of us could remember ever stopping in Yreka in our lives, including with our parents when young.  But we have both been through it on I-5 many times.

It was a nice campsite except for one problem, the front passenger side was in a hole and we needed blocks to get level and the step was way in the air. 

April 29th we drove 228 miles to Carrier RV Service in Eugene, Oregon.  We had some work to get done.  Our last stop here was in October.

Some wildlife on our walks.


A Great Blue Heron.

While in town we ate at Red Robin, Off the Waffle, and Jalisco.

We got everything done but one item.  Our auxiliary braking system was not working right and the manufacturer is on our route north, so we are going to them next to see what is wrong.

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