August 23, 2008 - Cessna Flight, Part 1

August 23rd we headed to Diane's parent's motorhome so Diane could spend the day with her mother and Bill could go flying with Gregg.  Here is their campsite at Cape Disappointment State Park:

They are right in front of this rock which people climb, though they are not supposed to climb it.

At the Astoria airport there were a couple small jets:

Here is Smokey in front of Gregg's Cessna (with the number digitally obscured):

The view from the airport towards Astoria and the bridge to Washington:

The view just after take off.  Bill is in the passenger seat next to Gregg.

Lots of fishing boats after salmon:

A barge coming through the boats, will they get out of the way in time?

The fishing boats did get out of the way:

Warrenton, OR Harbor:

The bridge:

Fort Columbia:

Chinook, WA:

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