August 21 to September 3, 2008 - Ilwaco, WA

August 21st we left Tumwater between rains and the further we travelled the nicer the weather became.  Here is our lunch view south of Raymond, WA:

We think this is South Bend, WA over the bay:

After 112 miles we were at Eagle's Nest Resort in site #T4.  We were in site #T5 last time we visited in June 2007, which is to our passenger side.

Diane's parents, Gregg and Rosalie, are work camping at Cape Disappointment State Park and their campsite is about 4 miles from ours.

Views from Eagle's Nest on August 22nd

Cessna Flight on August 23rd Part 1 (to Chinook), Part 2 (Chinook to Seaview), Part 3 (Seaview north), Part 4 (South to Oregon), Part 5 (Seaside, OR to landing)

Unfortunately the weather went bad on the 24th or Gregg would have flown again before he had surgery on the 25th.

August 25th walk through Eagles Nest Resort

Mostly we visited with Diane's parents and helped a lot after Gregg's surgery.  We also spent a lot of time at Cousin Vickie's store in Chinook, M & D Designs.

During this time we again ate at Long Beach Thai (twice), Pig and Pancake (Astoria), Mulan (Warrenton), El Compadre (Long Beach),  Silver Salmon Grille (Astoria), Chinook Restaurant (multiple lunches), and Doogers in Warrenton, mostly with Diane's parents. 

We are moving on the 4th to NACO Long Beach for two weeks, about 2 miles by road. 

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