August 23, 2008 - Cessna Flight, Part 4

We turned around so here is a view of the beach going south:

Pacific Holiday Resort campground again:

Another view of the Kite Festival:

The new Worldmark Timeshare condo resort is now finished.  It was under construction in 2007.

NACO Long Beach is barely visible in the middle of this photo:

The top side of Eagle's Nest Resort.  Our motorhome is fifth from the left or fourth from the right of the line of RVs:

The island in the middle of Ilwaco Harbor:

The breakwater for Ilwaco Harbor with boats and the South (Oregon) Jetty in the background:

Lots of fishing boats dwarfed by the ship in front:

The beach at Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon with the Peter Iredale shipwreck just visible on the left:

Fort Stevens parking lot and platform:

Another view of the beach with the shipwreck just to the left:

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