September 4 to 17, 2008 - Seaview, WA

September 4th we moved 3 miles to NACO Long Beach and we didn't even hook up the car, we just drove it separately.  We were last here in June 2007.

We needed 45' of sewer hose in this particular campsite:

Waikiki Beach on both September 6th and 9th

Walk to the ocean on September 8th

The area around Oysterville and Nahcotta is known for oysters and here is one of the piles.  Unfortunately this pile is just in front of the closed restaurant, The Ark, in Nahcotta, a place we really liked. 

September 10th photo of a cat in a windshield in the campground:

Foggy walk to the ocean September 10th

September 11th started for us much better than in 2001 when we were listening to the radio and hearing the horrifying reports about the planes flying into the twin towers and The Pentagon. 

We knew we wanted a different campsite for when our guests came so Bill watched when the people left our pick just before 8AM.  He put our car into the site and we packed up and moved seven sites east.  Diane had the inside ready in the new campsite by 9:05AM and Bill finished up with everything outside, including the satellite dish setup, by 9:30AM.  Here is our new campsite with much less sewer hose.

We were looking right at the tent area, where some of our guests were going to be staying this weekend.

Close by we found this blue National RV Islander that looked just like our good friends Ken and Carolle's:

September 11th flight Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

September 12th we headed over to get some shopping done in Warrenton and witnessed a car fire.  We did not take a photo while driving by so this one is from another parking lot showing the smoke.  Just a couple minutes later the fire trucks came and put it out:

September 12th Flight up the Columbia River, Part 1 (East), Part 2 (West)

Late in the evening our guests arrived and set up their tents.  Also another motorhome that looked just like ours was setup in our old spot.

It has black sunscreens instead of green ones like us.  Turns out to be only a few weeks different in age than our own.

September 13th fun with company

September 14th more fun

Smokey with the fused glass project in process.

Fused Glass Project (many large photos)

The fused glass project is now complete and ready for a frame to be made. 

Nancie, Sandy, Anne and Patti came for a couple days to work on projects at the shop, just before we were leaving.  We had a good time with them.

Dan and Jenny stayed at LTR Seaside and we got together for dinner one day.  It was fun to see them again.

Restaurants we enjoyed while staying in Seaview were Urban Cafe in Astoria, OR (new listing), Doogers (Warrenton, OR), Mulan (Warrenton), Long Beach Thai, Chinook (Chinook, WA) and El Compadre (Long Beach, WA).

Now we were ready to work our way to Texas via Utah.

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