September 11 to 16, 2012 - Ilwaco, WA

We left Rochester on September 11th and retraced our route back to Eagle's Nest in Ilwaco, WA for a trip of 106 miles.  We left here on September 4th and are one campsite to the passenger side from our last campsite.

We tried Clemente's Seafood for lunch one day in Astoria and found it good.

The view from the back of Eagle's Nest on the 12th.

The view on the 12th from the clubhouse deck of Iwaco.

The view from the back of Eagle's Nest on the 15th.

Later on the 15th Peggy, Jim, MacLean and Seth came to stay the night.  Here is their campsite.

The group had dinner at 42nd Street Cafe.

Breakfast on the 16th.

Otis came this trip.

We all had lunch at Hungry Harbor.  Then we explored.

Seth, MacLean and Jim going on the Go Karts.

Go Kart video (2.29MB WMV)

Visiting the whale skeleton on the beach.

Flying kites.

Kite video (819KB WMV)

It was a good visit.  The group left in the late afternoon for the trip back to Seattle.  We got ready to move south to Oregon the next day.

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