September 17 to 24, 2012 - Harrisburg (Eugene), Oregon for Rally

We left Ilwaco on September 17th and headed south into Oregon.  We made two stops.  The first was the outlet mall in Woodburn, Oregon and the second was for a large diesel fill up on the motorhome since it had been a while. 

After 202 miles we were camped at River Bend Resort in Harrisburg, Oregon, about 15 miles north of Eugene.  We were here for the Rally.

Here is our campsite.

We were here for our first Rally.  We first met Howard and Linda Payne of in November 2005 when in Jacksonville, FL  Since then we have met up multiple times the last time being February 25, 2010 in Welaka, FL. 

We had told Howard and Linda that if we were able to come to one of their rallies we would and this is it.

Sitting around the campfire at sunset.  Linda and Howard are in yellow.

September 18th we found out our friends Anne and Henry were also in the campground, but not at the rally.  We last saw them in September 2010 in Elkhart, Indiana.

Diane learned to braid t-shirts.

Getting to know each other.  Note that many of the rally photos and videos might not be interesting to people who did not attend.

video #1 from September 18 (4.72MB 3GP)

video #2 from September 18 (2.74MB WMV)

video #3 from September 18 (2.37MB WMV)

September 19th was the first full day of the rally.

large video from September 19 (12.3MB WMV)

September 20 was potluck day.  Diane made a key lime pie which disappeared so we had no leftovers.

video from September 20 (1.04MB WMV)

September 22 was the last day.  Some announcements and then a 70's party with a DJ.

Howard has the look.

About everyone danced some of the time.

Resting between dances.

video from September 22 (5.00MB 3GP)

Now the rally is over. 

The morning of September 24 Howard and Linda's RV looked lonely.

We had two meals out with Anne and Henry while in Harrisburg.  Lunch at GJ's in Eugene and dinner at Original Roadhouse in Springfield.

Now we are moving a short ways down the road to Eugene.  Anne and Henry will still be around for a day or so and so will Howard and Linda.

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