September 16 to 29, 2013 - Rochester and Ilwaco, WA

We left Kennewick on September 16th and drove US12 over White Pass to Outback RV Park in Rochester, WA.  It was our first time taking a motorhome over White Pass and it went fine even with some rain.  It was a 241 mile trip. 

We last stayed here in August.

Rosalie was parked next door for one night.

After getting setup the three of us went up to visit Bill's mother and ended up eating out at Iron Rabbit.

The next day Diane helped her mother drive the motorhome to Long Beach, then they came back by car to Elma where Bill picked up Diane. Afterwards Rosalie headed back to Long Beach.  Rosalie needed help getting parked in the campground since all of the experienced friends in the Long Beach area were not available. 

Mostly we visited Bill's mother and had dinners with her at Daybreak Deli (Tumwater, good), Anthony's Hearthfire (Olympia, very good), Martin Way Diner (Olympia, very good) and Panda Express (Olympia, not good).

We did get together with Carl and Laureen one evening and had dinner at Cebu, a Filipino restaurant in Lacey that was very good.

On our own we had lunches at Thai House (Lacey, very good) and Turkish Kabob (Lacey, very good).

Our last day was alternately wet and sunny.  During the sun breaks the birds would hit the bird feeder hard.

Video of the wet birds (1.07MB WMV)

September 23rd we left Rochester and drove the familiar 106 miles to Eagle's Nest RV Park in Ilwaco, WA.  We were last here in July.

We chose a spot under the trees.

On Wednesday, the 25th, Nancie and Sandy came from Poulsbo to spend a couple days.  We had dinner with them at Dooger's in Warrenton, OR (good) and then headed to Rosalie's motorhome to visit some more.  Since they had an errand to run and the sun was going down we sidetracked to the overlook and took these sunset photos. 

Nancie and Sandy left Thursday afternoon.  It was the last good weather we had this stay.

September 28th the storms came and we moved out to the more open section of the campground.  We felt it was better to be in the open than potentially have tree limbs come down on the motorhome.

Record rainfall over the weekend.  We had a leak that needs looking at when we get to Eugene, otherwise we were fine.

Mostly we spent time in the shop helping out.  We did have a couple lunches out with Rosalie in Long Beach, at  Lost Roo (very good) and Hungry Harbor (very good).

Now we are heading to Eugene.

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