September 3 to 15, 2013 - Ellensburg and Kennewick, WA

We left Chimacum on September 3rd with two motorhomes, our own and Rosalie's.  A few miles down the road it started raining and Rosalie found her windshield wipers were not working.  The two motorhomes stopped and Bill did a quick repair.  After that we drove to the Poulsbo Wal-Mart and tried to buy a new wiper, but it did not fit right. Luckily the old one is usable and we did not have any more trouble.  We had a good lunch at Wok Teriyaki by the Wal-Mart and hoped our day would now be better.  It was, the rest of the trip was uneventful, the first of many with the two motorhomes caravanning.

Our overnight stop after 192 miles was E&J RV Park in Ellensburg, WA.   Our last stay here was in July 2004, it had not changed much.

September 4th we drove 114 miles to Tri-Cities RV Park in Kennewick, WA.  This was a new campground for us, but not for Rosalie.  It was an easy trip and now we can sit still for two weeks.  This is the area we lived in when we met.

That evening we got together with Leo, Diane's brother, and family at Chicos in Kennewick for dinner, which was good.

The next day thunderstorms came through, but mostly it was a rain event.

One day the two of us walked in Columbia Park.

We got together with some of the relatives and friends in the area, often for meals.  The three of us had lunch with Tut and Ina twice, once at Bob's Burgers and Brew (Kennewick, good) and another time at Old Country Buffet (Kennewick, good).  The three of us also had lunch with Helen and Faye another day at Old Country.  We also had dinner at Leo's one night and Rosalie was there another night while we were with some of our friends.  The two of us visited with Yasuhiro and Wanda one day and then they showed us Country Mercantile in Pasco as an interesting place for dinner.  Another evening the two of us had dinner with Dave and Kay at Red Robin, then visited a while at their house.  The three of us also ended up eating out at Thai Elephant (Kennewick, very good) one night.

We also visited farmer's markets in Pasco and Kennewick.

One evening we visited with Lanel after dinner where we took some photos.  Here are some of her cats.

And the sunset.

Leo did a more complete repair of Rosalie's windshield wipers. They should be good the rest of our trip.

The day before we left another set of thunderstorms came through, with lots of wind.  A few big branches came down in the campground but we know of no damage.  Maybe September is not a good time to visit this area.

We are heading back to Western Washington now.

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