January 27, 2013 - Superior, Arizona Home Tour

We heard about the Superior Home Tour, Art and Antique Show from Dru in Tucson so we were interested in going.  Turns out she was going to be out of town so she could not come this year.  Lawrence thought it sounded like a great idea so we planned to go on Saturday the 26th.  Then the rains came and we postponed to Sunday.  It turned out to be a record rainfall on Saturday so it is good we did not come.

Lawrence came by in the morning and we headed to Superior, about a 45 minute drive east on US60. 

Downtown Superior.

We bought our tour tickets, got our wristbands and map.  There were seven houses on the tour, an antique show, an art show, and some deals at local restaurants.

This is the first house, walking distance from downtown.

At each house someone hands you a write-up and there are people everywhere to answer questions and to make sure everything is safe.

This was a very interesting house.  Extensively remodeled and decorated.  This is just an example.

We ran into Peggy, who used to run much of the Life on Wheels program, in this house.  She and her husband, Clyde, have a house in the area.  It was fun to catch up a bit with them.

Looking back at the house to show the mural and decks.

The next house mostly had outside rooms and was fun.

We went back and got the car and tried one of the local restaurants, Los Hermanos.  It was a good Tex--Mex place and priced very reasonably.

After lunch we tried to find the art show, but had not caught that it moved from the original location.

So we continued our tour of houses.

An interesting way to cover something on the ceiling.

We enjoyed the cat who lived in this house but did not get a good photo.

One of the next houses had an outside kitchen.

And a nice inside kitchen.

This is Lawrence standing on a roof top deck. There are animals, including fish, below the deck.

There were many hummingbirds and Bill tried to get photos but this is the only one that came out.

The last house was on the far south of town.  The normal route to get there was flooded because of the rains so we had to take an alternate route, but there were signs placed on the route to keep us on track.

It had many fun areas, including this one mocked up like a car dealer.

Here Bill did get a nice hummingbird photo.

Nice back yard and view.

The owner loved Star Trek and had a Star Trek room and his truck had many Star Trek references on it. 

We did not publish photos of all the houses and can say the tour was worthwhile.  We enjoyed it.  We should also say that many, if not all, of the houses had some snacks out.

We were done with the houses so we followed the directions to the old cemetery and gravesite.  We turned on a dirt road, but we have four wheel drive, so no problem.  The problem is we never found it and can only assume they had closed due to the mud we encountered.  We did encounter some ATVers and they had no qualms driving by us at high speed splashing mud and water on the car.  We made it back to the highway but the car was a mess.  (The car got a bath the next day.)

Even with that experience we were happy to go.  Here is the Superior Home Tour website, though it displays the wrong years poster.   We would go again if here in late January.

We headed back to our campsite where Lawrence's car was and then called it a day.

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