January 17 to 31, 2013 - Mesa, AZ

We drove out to have dinner at Gordon and Juanita's place in San Tan Valley on January 17th.  It was a 30 mile and 45 minute drive.  We had last seen them in Port Orford, OR in October.

It is a nice campground, which we have been to before when Larry and Connie stayed here in 2008.

We had a very enjoyable dinner, fun conversation and got to deal with Abbey's antics:

One day Bill needed to replace our city water hookup since it was leaking internally and found he had the wrong part.  It was lunch time so we had a nice lunch at Red Robin because we had no water.  We picked up the right part after lunch and we now have a working city water connection.

One evening Diane was going to a dinner with the quilting group so Bill was wondering what he should have for dinner. Then Barbara called and said, "do the two of you want to go out to pizza?"  Bill ended up joining Barbara and Dave for pizza at Barro's Pizza, a very enjoyable experience.   Bill got a much better visit in than our brief one in August. We will see more of them this winter since they are staying close by.

We had planned on going to the Superior Arizona Home Tour on Saturday the 26th, but it rained so we postponed to Sunday.  In fact it was a record rainfall in Phoenix.  Lawrence joined us for the day.

Photos from the Superior Arizona Home Tour

We did get the bird feeder up and birds have found it.  We will get some bird photos sometime, but for now Evita is enjoying the birds.

We had a stretch of warm weather that set two high records in Phoenix, then a 5 day cold spell with nighttime temperatures in the 20s.  Now it is slowly warming up again. 

But the weather has given us some nice sunsets.

The building in the middle is where the sewing room is.  Diane is spending a lot of time there.

We mostly ate in when on our own, but we did have one lunch out at Thai Elephant in Tempe.

One of the reasons we picked the campground was its central location. When we stayed in Apache Junction or even Usery Mountain, we were driving a lot just to shop.  Most trips here are under 10 miles each way, often less than 5.  We put less miles on the car than any month since June 2008, so it looks like the central location is keeping our miles traveled down.

We expect February to be more social since we will have even more friends and family in the area.

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