January 1 to 16, 2013 - Hesperia CA, Quartzsite and Mesa, AZ

We remained in Hesperia for about another week.  Here is Gregg and Rosalie's motorhome parked in the good spot.

Sabrina's snake finally shed its skin (lousy photo off Bill's phone).

January 6th we needed to dump our sewer tanks and also get out of town early the next morning so we moved 2 miles to the Hesperia Elks lodge for the night.   Our last stay here was in January 2011.

After we were set up we headed back to Misty's for one last evening.

During our Hesperia time we had meals out at Freddy's, Golden Gate and Go Bangkok along with meals in at Misty's.

January 7th we left Hesperia and headed east, stopping for propane and fuel once we got into Arizona.  After that we drove a few more miles east and finally after 232 miles of driving, we dry camped for free on BLM land in Quartzsite.   Our last stop in Quartzite was in January 2009.

This time we were just off the I-10 frontage road and it was not a very level spot.  But it worked.

In a few weeks Quartzsite will be very busy, but it is fairly quiet now.  We did not unhook the car and had a quiet evening.

January 8th we picked up camp and headed east.  We stopped to top off our fuel since we would be staying in one place for a while, so having the tank full was a good idea. Then we headed on and after 153 miles we were camped at Val Vista Village in Mesa, AZ for 3 months.  Last time we were camped here was in November 2010.

Our neighbor to the passenger side is camped where we were in 2010.  We will be here 3 months, the longest we have ever stayed in one location since we went on the road.

Harley the cat is two sites down from the driver's side so Evita can see him.  This keeps her entertained when he is out on his leash.

The first couple days we were here it was warm, then it cooled off and was just starting to warm up again at the end of this period.

Larry and Connie were in town so we got together and had a nice lunch at Wild Berry Diner.  It was good to see them since we had not been together since January 2010 in Florida.  Larry and Connie will be moving on so we won't see them again while we are here.

Another evening we matched up with Lawrence and he introduced us to Pei Wei Asian Diner.  Last time we saw Lawrence was in Alabama in April, but it was only a very short visit.   The last good visit we had with Lawrence was also in January 2010 in Florida.  We will be seeing more of Lawrence this winter since he is staying close by.

Diane is doing water aerobics, Zumba, circuit training and yoga here at the campground.  She also realized the sewing room was close by and has decided to try quilting again after not doing it for about 25 years.  She is staying quite busy but Bill is coping.

On our own we ate out at Cafe Mix, Fuddruckers and the new Longhorn Steakhouse in Mesa, all good meals.  It was great that Longhorn Steakhouse is expanding west, we have enjoyed them in the east.

Thus ends the first half of January.

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