February 1 to 14, 2013 - Mesa, AZ

We had a couple two-for-one admissions to Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park so we contacted Ken and Martha to see if they were interested in one of them.  Not only were they interested, they were interested in going with us.  The weather was supposed to be nice on the 2nd, so they came by and picked us up and off we went.

Photos from Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park

February 3rd Diane's parents came over from their February stay in Casa Grande and we went to lunch at #1 Eastern Buffet and then visited the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet:

Not much happened during the week.  Ken and Martha moved to our campground for a couple nights late on the 8th.  We were all going to the Phoenix Musical Instrument Museum the next day. 

The museum is new and very, very interesting.   A few photos of the day.

An "Afri-can" guitar, which sounded good on video.

The entrance to the Target Gallery.

John Lennon's piano, the one he played on Imagine.

We all were worn out by the museum and did not see it all.  It is overwhelming.  Their website is  http://mim.org/Martha's journal for the day.

Just to show it is not all fun and games here are a couple photos from replacing our tub/shower diverter faucet since the old one had sprung a leak.


On the 11th Dave and Barb picked us up to meet friends at the Queen Creek Olive Mill.  We had lunch, gelato, shopped and visited.

A couple photos from the day.

Valentine's Day Gordon and Juanita came over for dinner.  It was warm enough we had dinner outside but then it cooled as the sun went down so dessert was inside.  Another great visit.

Our bird feeder is quite successful and popular as these photos show.

We even have occasional Curved-Bill Thrashers and Gila Woodpeckers eating here.  Here is a Gila Woodpecker.

Evita loves it.

Other places we ate during this time were lunch at Rancho de Tia Rosa with Diane's parents,  and Freddy's and Red Robin on our own.

Diane continues to work on quilts.

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