February 15 to 28, 2013 - Mesa, AZ

We continued our stay in Mesa.

Diane's first quilt came back from the long arm quilter so she finished the binding.  But, we do not have a final photo so here is the front before it was sent off:

(Click on the photo to get a larger photo in a new window.)

We will get photos of the finished quilt later including the back.  It is 54" square.

She also finished the front and back of her second quilt and it is ready to get long arm quilted.  Here is the front just after it was put together, but before it was ironed:

(Click on the photo to get a larger photo in a new window.)

It will be 90" square when finished. 

Diane has quilt #3 mostly done and will soon start quilt #4.

We noticed this Airstream in a campsite using both solar and wind power.  A wind generator is not something we see often.

We did have a social life during this time, even though it was mostly cool weather.  One day we drove down to Casa Grande, visited with Ken a bit and had lunch at BeDillon's with Diane's parents.  Another day we met Diane's parents, Ken and Joan, and Dave and Connie at Pacific Seafood Buffet in Chandler.  We had not seen Joan since we were camped in Casa Grande in November.  We last saw Dave and Connie in Chimacum, WA in July. A great time was had by all.  On our own, we tried Flaming Kabob in Gilbert.  Before Diane's parents left the area, we met them again at Pacific Seafood Buffet for lunch and then went to Lee Lee's Market.

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