March 1 to 16, 2013 - Mesa, AZ

We had a busy day on March 6th, it was the quilt guild dinner and the Escapees Boomer get together in the late afternoon.  Bill was able to make the Boomer get together and take a couple photos.

Then he took off and went to the guild dinner where this photo of the guild members was taken with Diane in back.  The potluck dinner was great and so were the prizes.  We didn't win.

March 7th we went out for a fancy dinner at Top of the Rock in Tempe. 

The view:

It was OK, but we have no reason to go back.

We also got together with Luke and Judy while they were camped here, including going to Freddy's for lunch.

March 11th, we and Gordon and Juanita got together at Barb and Dave's campsite.  Then we took two cars, boys and girls separately, to old town Scottsdale

We strolled around and looked at the shops.  Here is Gordon taking photos.

Then we headed to Sugar Bowl for lunch and ice cream.  The Sugar Bowl is famous from the Family Circus comic since Bill Keane lived in Scottsdale and would use it in his comics.  We had sandwiches followed by ice cream sundaes. 

Apache Trail day trip on March 12th

Saint Patrick's Parade on March 15th

Other places we ate out during this time were Rumbi Island Grill (Bill, while Diane was at a function), Five Guys, Val Vista Cactus Grill (Diane, with a group), Giant Hamburgers (Bill, while Diane went to the Cactus Grill), Crackers and Co Cafe, Biscuits, and Kabob and Kurry.  It was a busy half month in Mesa, with lots of eating out.

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