July 10 to 13, 2013 - Trip to Florence/Reedsport, OR

We left Poulsbo early on July 10th in the car.  Evita was with us.  We were going to spend 3 nights in Florence, Oregon with the family for Diane's father, Gregg's, memorial.

We stopped for coffee on the go and then in Tumwater to drop Evita off with Ted and Linda, neighbors of Bill's mother.  We did have a short visit with Bill's mother. 

Then we headed south.  We stopped for lunch at the Burgerville in Woodland, WA.  We stopped in Eugene, Oregon and bought the rhododendron for Gregg's memorial.  It was the right variety to blend with the others at the lighthouse museum. We also picked up some needed items at Winco.

After that we headed to Florence where the family had rented three condos.  We shared one of the smaller condos with three other family members.

Here is the kitchen of the condo we were in.

The big condo was a meeting area and where we had shared meals.

This condo was in Old Town Florence, really nice.

A short walk to the main part of Old Town and the view of the bridge.

Our only restaurant group meal was the lunch buffet at the Three Rivers Casino on the 11th, a place Gregg loved.  Tut and Ina met us there.  They had come in from Kennewick, WA and were staying at a local motel.

Then most of us went down to the Umpqua Lighthouse in Reedsport for tours and coordinating for the memorial later in the day.

After the museum closed we planted the rhododendron in the museum grounds.  Jim and Peggy had come down from Seattle and joined us.  They were also staying at a local motel.

Then we headed to the lighthouse itself for speeches and other tributes. 

It was definitely an emotional memorial.

The 12th was a quiet day of remembrance and visiting.

On the 13th we all headed out.  We headed north on US101 and stopped for lunch at Jasmine Thai in Lincoln City.  After that we headed to Portland.  We got stuck in bad traffic in Portland and called Ted and Linda to warn them we were running late picking up Evita.  We stopped, picked up Evita, who was fine and had made friends with Ted and Linda.  We visited a while and also visited with Bill's mother.  Then the three of us headed back to Poulsbo. We had a quick and good dinner at The Ritz Drive In in Shelton.  Then we headed back to the motorhome.

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